Check the Health of Your Email List for Free

Data Validation's Email Assurance application goes beyond simply cleaning an email list. Our self-service application provides a free email list quality report and comprehensive email verification. Link your MailChimp, AWeber, Emma, MailUp, SendGrid, or MailGun account for free email list health reports. Clean an email list of undeliverable emails and receive detailed information on each email address verified.

Datavalidation: the app

If you're looking for the best email verification available, our self-service platform provides free reports and multiple ESP integrations.

DataValidation API

email verification API

The most comprehensive API for realtime email validation, email list verification, and automating daily list maintenance with Email Assurance.

Email Assurance API

Email assurance for Email Service Providers

Enhance the onboarding and monitoring of users, and protect your ESP's sender reputation.