Our brilliant, quirky, agile team...


Mike Marian, Chief Trouble Maker

Mike is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in email, security, and digital marketing. He is also a husband, father and off-road adrenaline junkie.


Rick Copeland, Cofounder & CTO

Rick is a confirmed technologist with experience as a developer and author focusing on NoSQL databases and Python. He is also a husband, father, and loves hiking in the mountains.


Maria Joyner, Growth Hacker

Maria is an experienced startup marketer with a background in email compliance, user acquisition, and growth hacking. She's an avid baseball fan and has two dogs, Lucy and Layla. 


Dina Duma, Customer Advocate Manager

Dina is using her skills as a former educator to empower our customers. She is a wife and native New Yorker, who dreams of traveling the world.


Ashley Hinds, Channel Partner Evangelist

Ashley is a marketer turned channel partner evangelist with a passion for data and analytics. She is an avid coffee drinker and family kind of gal, learning what the startup life is all about.


Dustin Newberry, Junior Software Developer

Dustin is a frequent tinkerer, with a DIY-ethos and a passion for understanding how things work. He enjoys Asian food, cycling, and learning geography through first-hand experience.


Kush Mansingh, Junior Software Developer

After experiencing an internship of a lifetime, Kush knew he was destined to be part of our team. He loves heavy metal, Python, and dominating in our daily foosball tournament.


Alex Rus, Customer Advocate

Alex is a gadget freak who likes knowing everything new on the market. He is an NFL enthusiast that loves tv series, movies, soccer games. His hobbies include swimming, basketball, soccer, and reading.


Kari Norman, Executive Assistant

Kari has a background in psychology, and has a penchant for effective and streamlined organization. She enjoys Indian food, and is an experienced seamstress. 


Emma Marian, Customer Advocate

Emma is a psychology student with great interpersonal skills. She loves kids and enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her loved ones.


Simina Pitur, UX Designer

Simina's interest in cognitive science and her background in programming landed her in the middle of this exciting new age craft. When she’s not painting pixels, you might find her reading, writing, playing music or developing sheets of film.


Bogdan Micula, Customer Advocate

With a background in psychology, Bogdan enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Put a pair of drum sticks in his hands and you’ve got him busy all day long.


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