Check the Health of Your Email List for Free


Integrates with MailChimp, AWeber, MailGun, SendGrid, MailUp, and Emma. 

If you are a current DataValidation or user, you will need to create a new account or request an account migration. is an Atlanta technology startup innovating the email compliance and deliverability space. 


Email Assurance for Email Service Providers

Protect Your Reputation & Stop Firing Customers

We partner with ESPs to offer an industry standard deliverability and compliance monitoring tool for the full life cycle of a customer. 

Before a new customer ever sends an email, we provide an email assurance report during the onboarding process. All existing customers are monitored on an ongoing basis, alerting you of any customers in danger of having issues.

Avoid ever having to fire a good sender because of a degrading list.


Email Deliverability APIs

Realtime Validation, Batch Verification, and Ongoing Email Assurance

Our APIs offer a simple way to check the deliverability of an email address. Quickly find out if a single email address is deliverable in realtime, check the deliverability of a list of email addresses, or set up Email Assurance to monitor your entire database. 

Email service providers can utilize the API to simplify and automate the onboarding, monitoring, and remediation of users. Start your free trial or contact us for more information.


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