Senior Frontend Developer

Location: Cluj-Napoca or Atlanta, GA

Type: Full Time builds software and APIs to inform and enable email senders. From a single email marketer to massive email service providers, our tool monitors the health of email contact lists, automates data maintenance, and prevents email deliverability problems before they begin. We are a bootstrapped technology startup based in Atlanta, GA. 

We are looking for a frontend developer experienced in object-oriented JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, testing for JavaScript, and translating photoshop mockups into real life. Our software is a MVC backbone.js app written on a REST API in CoffeeScript. We need a JavaScript Engineer with skills beyond basic jQuery. Our marketing site has customized grunt plug ins, and experience in bootstrap, and LESS or SASS is preferable. 

We are an agile python shop, so be familiar with user stories and sprints. Having some experience with server-side programming, such as Python or Ruby, is a plus since you may occassionally want to look at server-side code to understand functionality. A general knowledge of unix command line is good. Bonus points also for knowing MongoDB or another NoSQL db. 



  • Object-oriented JavaScript, preferably CoffeeScript as well
  • Backbone.js or a similar framework like Angular or React
  • Testing for JavaScript. We use mocha/chai/sinon, but karma/jasmine or similar is also great
  • Excellent CSS3 skills including responsive design and preferably experience with LESS or SASS.
  • Extensive knowledge of HTML5

Bonus skills, but someone who knows above can pick them up:

  • Bootstrap
  • Bower
  • Require.js
  • Handlebars templates
  • Brunch and grunt build tools
  • git
  • Translating photoshop mockups into real life


Working at

  • 100% of Health Benefits Paid for the Employee

  • Stock options after 3 months

  • New employees receive a MacBook Pro, 2 monitors and an ergonomic chair

  • Relaxed yet energetic work environment

  • Flex work hours

  • Employee-centric culture

We’re building a brilliant, quirky, kick-ass team. If this sounds like your kind of challenge, let’s talk!

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