My experience interning at was fun and exciting.

The team manages work in a programmable way, and solves questions that matter to the customers.

For example, using Agile Development, stand-ups are held at 10AM every morning. Each member of the team gives a brief talk about what he/she did yesterday and what he/she will be working on today. By doing so, this makes sure everybody is in sync and can easily help each other out when blockers are encountered. I've learned that communication is the key. Talking with each other will ease the possibility of duplication and increase productivity.

As we know, development usually splits into frontend and backend. Here, these two meet. is very flexible, and has a developer-centered culture. Each developer's role is not set in stone and everyone gets a chance to work on almost everything. If there's an issue, I can feel free to create a ticket and go ahead with fixing it.

We use CoffeeScript instead of the traditional JavaScript for the frontend work, and use Python and MongoDB for the backend. Besides the trending technology, what really makes stand out is the Customer Support team, especially being 24x5. Our support team will guide users through their issues with care, and work with to the Dev team closely to meet customers' needs.

I created a prezi presentation that summarizes the last three months of my experience at