Of the three interns and my other colleagues, I was the youngest in terms of age and experience. To be perfectly honest, there was a sense of intimidation lingering in the air upon my arrival into the cave. However, that sensation dissipated over time as the Synapp’sters were operating not as a corporation, rather as a team. The fluidity with which they operate is impeccable and was completely unexpected.

"Well," I thought to myself, "enough praising based on first impressions. I want to judge based on its effect on me."

Upon arrival, all I heard was fingers cracking on the keyboard; the intensity was unbearable. For a moment, I thought everyone was on the verge of getting carpal tunnel from such keyboard banging, especially Rick. Although later I observed that it was just excessive tapping. 


Overall, I would like to say that the learning process was effortless. It was the quite the opposite. Instead, it was challenging, and, you know what, I loved it. The challenge was inspiring and worth it because of the people that came along for the ride. 


As a first timer, the learning curve was much steeper. Everything I did over the course of this summer felt like I had the power of the sun in my palms. has enabled me to see a new perspective on the software industry, teamwork, and friendship. I can finally say that my transformation into a full-fledged synappio-bird is complete.