As part of our new Office Warming Party at ATDC this past Thursday evening, we wanted to give someone in the Atlanta startup community the opportunity to experience day-to-day life at We encouraged party attendees to tweet using the hashtag #synappihour, with the promise that one savvy tweeter would receive "the experience."

What is the experience?

  • 1 month of breakfast with the team at the GT Hotel and Conference Center
  • 1 month LA Fitness Membership
  • 1 month of desk space in our sweet new office
  • swag (short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, stickers, etc)
  • Exclusive insight into the #halfwink

We are excited to announce that the winner of the experience is Monsieur, the robotic bartender! Monsieur showed up first, consumed more alcohol than everyone, and was a catalyst for conversation throughout the evening. We will enjoy having the robotic bartender as part of our culture for the next month! 

*Unfortunately, the robotic bartender declined the experience offer citing that it was an "illogical arrangement", and computed the next best winner as Tricia Whitlock of Hypepotamus!

Trish was one of the first humans to arrive to the party, and was active in spreading the #synappihour love on Twitter. 

While unsuccessful, we commend her effort to start a food fight.

Our favorite tweet of the evening came from Rob Kischuk of PerfectPost

The Twitter battle between Pete Santora and Scott Henderson cannot go unnoticed. 

We had a great time seeing everyone who celebrated with us! 

Our office warming party finished in style, with a warm welcome from Mother Nature

Special thanks to fellow ATDC Selects company Monsieur for making our party awesome! All of the desks in our office, as well as the conference room table, were handcrafted by Nick Duma.

Check out more images from the party below. 

Rock out to the Spotify playlist created by our team.